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Why Shred
  The drug shredding machine is an integrated system providing a secure way to destroy medications in a safe, efficient and cost saving manner by rendering them unusable.

Having first hand knowledge of the frustrations and time involved in drug destruction, we designed this product with nurses and pharmacists in mind. We knew there had to be a better way, so we set out to design a simple, effective system to meet this need."

Maureen Gallagher, R.N.

Ultimate Products presents an integrated system providing a secure way to destroy medications in a safe, efficient and cost saving manner, by rendering them unusable.

Developed by a Director of Nurses and a Nursing Home Administrator, this system offers nursing homes, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care facilities a better solution to the destruction of expired/discontinued drugs, with strict accountability.

Rather than punching out individual pills from a blister pack/bubble pack, the entire blister pack/bubble pack, with pills still enclosed, is introduced into the unit where it is shredded. Related items such as liquids, liquid vials, liquid bottles, individual pills, pill bottles and sharps are disposed of through a separate portal. All materials are deposited into a biohazard sharps container which, when full, is removed, sealed and sent to an approved medical waste disposal center for incineration. *

* Individual institutions are responsible for local, state and federal regulatory compliance.


Regulations require that expired/discontinued medications be destroyed to prevent unauthorized distribution, diversion or unauthorized use. Typical drugs and their packaging include tablets, capsules, granules and liquids in conjunction with their associated pill bottles, caps, vials, ampules, blister packs, and unit dosing packages. No matter the particular type of drug and packaging utilized, the destruction of expired/discontinued drugs is subject to strict accountability. Normally accomplished by nurses, pharmacists or other authorized personnel, removing individual pills/capsules from multiple-dose blister packs before destroying is obviously time consuming and wasteful of their professional expertise. This drug shredding machine offers the industry an efficient, safe and highly accountable solution to this problem.

Patent # US 7,673,825,B2

Product Benefits

  • Staff is less likely to postpone destruction of medications because of time constraints.
  • Less time involved in medication destruction, thus saving money in employee salaries
  • Decreased cost involved in the destruction process (nurses' time, sharps containers, separate shredding of cards for HIPPA compliance purposes, less biohazard trash.)
  • Offers increased accountability for Controlled Substances
  • Decreases chances of drug diversion.
  • Keeps staff happy
  • Environmentally friendly–keeps drugs out of water system

Drug Shredder Demo

Cost Savings Example

  Manually Drug Shredding
Cards per month 100 100
Hourly Wage (2 nurses) $75 $75
Montly Time to destroy 100 cards 3.3 Hours 8.3 Minutes
Labor Costs to destroy 100 cards $247.50 $10.37
Annual Cost $2,970.00 $124.40
Annual Cost Savings With Drug Shredder $2,845.00
Annual Time Savings 38 Hours

Product Features

  • LED readouts indicating status
  • Professionally engineered for long lasting dependability
  • Available in Maple or Mahogany
  • Perfect for use in nursing homes, assisted living centers, or other health care facilities.
  • We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express
  • Priced at $2495.00 + shipping
  • If you purchase 3 or more, the price is $2195.00 per unit

Product Specifications

  • Power Requirements: 120 V ac, 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 21"W x 21"L x 36"H
  • Weight: 117 lbs
  • Mounted on casters for easy movement
  • Two bins, one bottle of shredder oil, and 4 locking tabs are included with each unit
  • Easy maintenance – simply apply oil regularly

*Individual institutions are responsible for local, state and federal regulatory compliance

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Ordering Information

Phone: 540.672.3277
e-mail: thedrugshredder@verizon.net

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